Rural Henley Regatta Planning in progress to Return in 2019

This is the club's annual regatta, loosely based on the Royal Henley regatta.  The Regatta is held annually in July, and consists of fully Albanobuoyed, 6-lane, 1000m qualifiers for a two lane, head-to-head final over the Henley (1 1/3 mile) distance. We often have equipment available for guest rowers to use, and frequently have seats in composite boats available as well, making our regatta very user-friendly for singles, novice rowers or small crews that may not have enough people to fill a boat! Regatta 2

The 1000m qualifiers utilize a standard Master's format, although competition is open to all ages.  Juniors are handicapped inside the "AA" age group.  If, for example, there are four age groups racing in the 1000m men's 1x event, the two best handicapped times are invited to compete for the 1 1/3 mile distance.   A 48 year old could be racing against a 23 year old in the Henley event with the handicap applied as a staggered start.  Mixed boat events do not have a Henley final (1000m race only).

Medals are awarded for the 1000m events; the Henley is the grand final in each category and boat trophies are awarded for success in this race.  We are working on corporate sponsorship of trophies and beef steaks will be awarded to winners of the Henley events, making these official 'steak' races.

The Klamath basin was settled around 100 years ago, and one of the early pioneers was a man named James T. Henley, who owned a ranch near Stukel mountain.  His family lived in the Klamath area and his wife became an icon of the early Klamath Basin.   Henley High School and the Henley Irrigation district are named after this family, and we hold our regatta in the tradition of these early pioneers �?with a sense of community and tough, western grit!