National Learn to Row Day Session at Ewauna Rowing Club(2019) - Saturdays 9AM - June 1

What to bring:

Water, sunscreen or hat and $5.00 (All money paid at sessions will go towards membership if you decide to join Ewauna Rowing Club)

What to wear:

Comfortable clothing that you would wear to workout at the gym – except – no baggy shorts or shirts with really long tails - they get caught in the sliding seats on the boat.  Also, wear a pair of old sneakers (they might get wet) or water shoes, as well as regular socks.

What you will learn:

The basics of rowing.  The session will include an on-water boating period, but we encourage everyone that completes a Learn to Row session to come back for a few more rows with our crew, so that you can really get the hang of it.  Once you’ve completed a Learning session, you can row with our crew 3-4 more times (at no charge) in order to determine whether or not you’d like to take up rowing as a fun, recreational, low-impact form of exercise.  Membership in our club is open to all ages and skill levels – we would love to have you join our crew!

Session components:
Video & terminology - we usually watch some video showing the rowing stroke and oar movement, and how the boat and crew function as a unit (timing, weight distribution, etc). We will also explain some of the common terminology used for rowing.
Ergometer (rowing machine):
We will spend some time on the ergs prior to getting into boats.  We will emphasize the four segments of the rowing stroke, as well as form and body position during the stroke.
Boat components:
We will examine the parts of the boat and oars, and give an overview of how to enter & exit the boat safely, how to carry the boat, how to install the oar, and how to adjust foot stretchers.
Oar movement:
We will set up an oar to explain the balance and feel of the oar in motion, as well as demonstrating the “feathering” procedure.  This will give participants a chance to try feathering the oar prior to getting into the boat.
On the water – In the boat:
We will take out a boat of the size necessary to accommodate the number of people learning to row – this is usually an 8-person sweep boat.  Boats are accompanied by our launch boat and coach, so that individual instruction can take place when needed.  Participants will learn how to row, focusing on basic oaring technique, timing of the stroke, and balance.  Rowing is like any other skilled sport – it takes a few times to get it all together.  The first time out is usually a fun experience, but may not be a picture of perfection!