Welcome to the Ewauna Rowing Club

The Ewauna Rowing Club (Ewauna is pronounced “ee-wanna”), located in Klamath Falls, Oregon, is a group of recreational and competetive rowers of all ages. The club is a non-profit organization, run by volunteers. Our boathouse is located in Veteran’s Park, at the south end of downtown Klamath Falls, and we row on Lake Ewauna, a part of the Klamath River system. Our facilities are within a short drive of almost anywhere in Klamath Falls and, although the lake is open to all boaters, we generally have the water all to ourselves. We are always seeking new members – please use this web page to familiarize yourself with us if you have any interest in trying rowing, or are already an experienced rower. If you are an experienced rower and will be in town for any length of time, please send an e-mail to president@klamathrowing.org and we can arrange for you to row with us.