Our boathouse was built in 2003, and is located in Veteran’s Park, at the south end of downtown Klamath Falls. The ground level of the boathouse has two long bays, one housing the launch and four- and eight-person boats, the other housing two-person boats and singles. (Full members can store personal singles in the boathouse for $100 per boat, per year.) The upper level of the boathouse houses a dozen ergs (rowing machines).


The club owns the following fully functional boats, which can be used by all members, with the requirement that there be at least two boats on the water anytime that club boats are out.
  • Sculling: One open water single, three doubles, two quads.

  • Sweep Rowing: One pair, three fours, three eights.

  • Wherries: Two wherries that can be set up for single or double sculling. These are useful for beginners and/or rough water rowing.

  • Launch: One motorized launch, which is often on the water for safety and/or coaching purposes. The launch can only be driven by members with a current Oregon Boater’s License.


We row on Lake Ewauna, which is adjacent to downtown Klamath Falls and part of the Klamath River system. The lake is fed at the upper (north) end by the 1.5 mile long Link River, which comes out of Klamath Lake. Our primary rowing course is 2000 meters long, from some bridges at the north end, where the Link River enters the lake, to a railroad trestle at the south end. It is possible to pass through the trestle and continue downstream, with some navigation required beyond the trestle. Club members regularly continue another 2 kilometers past the trestle, and occasionally beyond that.

Our dock is conveniently located about 50 feet from the boathouse. Lake Ewauna rarely sees use by power boats, so we usually share it with the occasional kayaker and an abundance of waterfowl. One will regularly see ducks, geese, grebes, and pelicans on the water, egrets and herons near the banks, and terns and gulls overhead.


We generally start rowing on a regular basis in April or May, depending on weather. It is sometimes possible to sneak in a few days prior to that. Our season usually continues into October, with the limiting factor in the fall being limited hours of daylight.