Learning to Row

We have two “gateways” to learning to row. One is to attend our National Learn to Row Day, and the other is to attend a club rowing session or two (morning, evening, or Saturday, see the schedule for days and times) to see if you wish to continue rowing. If, after your first experience, you wish to explore the sport further, we ask that you purchase an Auxiliary Member punch card (see below, under Fees and Membership).

National Learn to Row Day

This year’s National Learn to Row Day will be Saturday, June 1st. Anyone interested in trying rowing can come to the club boathouse at the west end of Veteran’s Park at 8:00 AM for an introduction to rowing. Participants will be given a brief tour of the boathouse, then spend a few minutes on rowing machines to work on the fundamental motion of rowing. After that, participants will get oriented to the oars and boat, and then spend some time on the water. There is no charge for this – here is a list of suggestions for what to wear and bring, and what you should expect.

Club Sessions

I you are not able to attend the national Learn to Row day, you may instead come to one of our club rowing sessions for your first experience. Again, we ask that one buy an Auxiliary Member punch card if they wish to continue beyond their first day. See information on club sessions at the Schedule and Communication page, and see this for what to wear and bring on your first day, and what you should expect.

Fees and Memberships

There are two forms of membership in the club, and a fee for storing a personal boat:
  • Auxiliary Member: Auxiliary members are those who purchase a $50 punch card for ten rows. This is a good option for those just trying rowing out, or who cannot row often. If, during the calendar year in which a card is purchased, the member wishes to upgrade to a Full Membership, the cost of the punch card will be applied toward the Full Membership dues. A punch card is only good for the year in which it is purchased, but may be shared by members of a family, couple, or a few (two or three) friends.

  • Full Member: A Full Membership is $150 for a calendar year, giving unlimited rows and providing financial commitment to the club. The dues may be paid in two installments, one early in the calendar year, the other by July 1st.

  • Personal Boat Storage: Full Members may store personal rowing boats at the boathouse for a fee of $100 per boat, per year. Boat storage may also be paid in two installments, as above.