Timothy Hayden

After Jim Kerns coached for a few years, he passed the daily coaching duties to another Oregon State University alumnus, Timothy Hayden. Tim Hayden was a science teacher at what was then Mazama Mid High School, serving 9th and 10th grade students in the Klamath Union High School district.  Recruitment of those of us who took environmental science was a given. Any one who went out for crew was guaranteed an A in science and those of us who took him up on the offer never worked harder for a grade.

At this time, the club had 2 older eights, (the George and the Stevens) two wherry fours and three amateur built fiberglass singles. Borrowing equipment on race day was a given.  One day the crew went down to the boathouse and noticed that the bow section of the Stevens was gone. Apparently at sometime during the night, the University of Washington decided that collegiate lore was important and repossessed the bow of an eight that had a victorious pedigree. The original bow of that boat went on display at Conibear crewhouse on the Husky campus and Ewauna Rowing Club rebuilt the bow with foam, fiberglass and chicken wire.

The club leased 2 1950's vintage cedar Pocock eights from Conn Findley and working out of the Ewauna Box Factory building, Tim coached the crew to success in competition against junior and college crews from the San Francisco Bay Area, Seattle, and British Columbia.

In 1975 Tim moved away from the Klamath Basin and Jim recruited a new coach, Doug Herland.

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